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Scholarships for English Courses in Canada

Check this page for the latest scholarships, discounts, and special offers for international students at Vancouver English Centre.


Tuition Reduction for Long-Term Students

Register for 12 weeks or longer and receive lower tuition rates, under certain conditions. Click here for the details.


Study for Free at VEC

Apply for a program that is longer than six weeks and study free for one to four weeks


Free TOEIC Test

Every student currently enrolled in a VEC TOEIC Preparation Course is entitled to a free TOEIC test. Students who applied for admission after December 1, 2004 will be entitled to only one free TOEIC test. Students who apply before December 1, 2004 may take a free test every month, as long as they are currently enrolled in a VEC TOEIC Preparation Course.

Learn more about our Free TOEIC Test .


VLC - VEC Exchange Scholarship

This scholarship is suitable for students who wish to study English at both of our campuses, in Guadalajara and in Vancouver.

Students who complete uninterrupted, full-time programs of 24 weeks or longer at either school are eligible for a 4-week scholarship at the other school. This scholarship applies only to full-time students who receive certificates. Although a second Application Fee is not required, other appropriate fees such as Homestay or Airport Reception apply. Students must complete their scholarship term within 2 months of completing their original program.

Lower Tuition Rate for Students who are Permanent Residents

Permanent Residents and Citizens of Canada who have continually lived in British Columbia and/or their home countries for the previous 60 days are entitled to a 75% Tuition Fee reduction.

  • Proof of status and permanent residency in BC and/or the home country (passport, drivers license or BC ID) are required.
  • This offer applies only to tuition for language courses. Students who apply for other courses such as the TEFL Certificate Program and Vacation Study Program are not eligible.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or scholarships.


Vancouver English Centre Mosaic Scholarship

Vancouver English Centre encourages students from all over the world to study English in Vancouver. Currently, VEC is offering over 100 scholarships to students from 14 specific countries. Click here for more information about the Mosaic Scholarship .


Student Price Card (SPC)

The Student Price Card ( SPC ) is a student discount card that you can use all over Canada. Find out more about the Student Price Card now, to see how you can save money with the SPC.


VEC Courses & Programs

The following courses and programs are offered at VEC :


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