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Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers Through Recruiters

Western Canada's labour and skill shortages have employers in Alberta and British Columbia considering a variety of options to find the workers they need. The federal government's Foreign Worker Program (FWP) is one option available to all employers. It allows temporary foreign workers to enter Canada if employers can demonstrate that they cannot find Canadian workers to fill job openings. Employers can recruit a wide range of foreign workers, if the employers meet the requirements of the program. If you are an employer who is trying to decide if the FWP is a good option for your labour market needs

Foreign Worker Recruiters

Recruiters can help employers find prospective employees in other countries.  Recruiters screen candidates, introduce them to employers, and help them with their visa applications.  Foreign worker recruiters also frequently help employers arrange accommodation and medical insurance for their new employees. 

Foreign Worker Recruiter in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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