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Vancouver English Centre
250 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1E7 Canada
Tel.: 1-604-687-1600
Fax: 1-604-687-1660


We are located a block south of the Vancouver library.  Our entrance is on Smithe Street, between Cambie Street and Mainland Street.

Map of Downtown Vancouver


Vancouver English Centre
250 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1E7 Canada
Tel.: 1-604-687-1600
Fax: 1-604-687-1660

Map of Downtown Vancouver


Mr. Kenneth Gardner
Mr. Kenneth Gardner has owned and managed VEC
since founding the school in 1993.


Ms. Yvonne Gardner
Ms. Yvonne Gardner oversees the school's financial affairs,
including payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

Director of Studies

Director of Studies
Email Director of Studies

Homestay Coordinator

Homestay Coordinator
Email Homestay Coordinator

The Homestay Department has placed many happy students with host families in the Greater Vancouver area.


Email Activities Coordinator

This department plans, organizes, and sometimes leads, VEC's leisure activities. During the busy seasons, it may include up to eight additional coordinators.


VEC teachers all have university degrees, as well as certificates in TESL/TEFL.
All VEC teachers are experienced teaching English to international students.

Administration Staff

Approximately 25 people work hard to ensure that every student enjoys a well-organized visit, from the beginning of the application process, to the presentation of the certificate of completion.

Sales and Marketing

Arabic Marketing

Tel.: 604-484-2993
Email Arabic-language Marketing Director

Chinese Marketing

Tel.: 604-687-1600 ext 137
Email Chinese-language Marketing Director

European Marketing

Tel.: 604-484-2698
Email European Marketing Director

Japanese Marketing

Tel.: 604-639-9623
Email Japanese-language Marketing Director

Tel.: 604-484-8640
Email Japanese-language Marketing Assistant

Korean Marketing

Tel.: 604-687-1718
Email Korean-language Marketer Director

Tel.: 604-687-1600 ext 224
Email Korean-language Marketing Assistant

Persian Marketing

Tel.: 604-687-1600 ext 115
Email Persian-language Marketing Director

Portuguese Marketing

Tel.: 604-484-2992
Email Portuguese-language Marketing Director

Tel.: 604-687-1600 ext 107
Email Portuguese-language Marketing Assistant

Spanish Marketing

Tel.: 604-484-4193
Email Spanish-language Marketing Director

Southeast Asia Marketing

Tel.: 604-687-1600, ext 215
Email Southeast Asia Marketing Director

Turkish Marketing

Tel.: 604-687-1600 ext 199
Email Turkish-language Marketing Director

Other Contacts

Admissions and General inquiries: Email General Inquiries
Student Arrivals: Email Arrivals
Registrar: Email The VEC Registrar
Accounting: Email Accounting and Payments
Webmaster: Email VEC Webmaster

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Vancouver English Centre

250 Smithe Street

Vancouver, BC  V6B 1E7  Canada

Tel.: 1-604-687-1600

Fax: 1-604-687-1660

Canada's Leading Language School