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Business Research CourseBusiness Research Course


Business Research (BUSN011) 3 Days

Business decision-making requires a fine balance of many variables.

When experience isn't available or isn't enough, executives gather information,

interpret it and use the results to steer their organization. Despite the speed of electronics, research basics haven't changed but the number of sources of

information has exploded. Knowledge of the different research choices and

applications of using various methods appropriately is very important. The use of scientific methods leads to objective and reliable results. Analysis of research data needs to be balanced as all research methods have strengths and weaknesses.

By basing recommendations on various results, good decisions can be made.

- 3 Evenings

- Experienced Instructor

- Certificate Upon Completion

- *Take Over Guarantee

- $120

*If you feel that you would benefit by repeating this course, for any reason, you are welcome to take it again at no charge, if the class is not full.

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