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Language Schools in Canada

Canada is well known for its world-class language schools.  Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver all boast good language schools. Although some schools in Montreal teach both French and English, most Canadian language schools specialize in English.

Language training has always been important in Montreal, as it is a city with a mixture of French and English-speaking people.  Most international students have traditionally gravitated to Vancouver for English language schools.  Toronto is also becoming a popular destination for overseas students.  Some Vancouver language schools have established branches in Toronto and Montreal.  Smaller language schools can also be found in other canadian cities, such as Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Edmonton.

History of Canadian Language Schools

Before 1995, there were not many language schools in Canada.  Only a handful of schools could be found in any major Canadian cities.  Since then, hundreds of new schools have been established.  Most schools have 50 to 200 students at any given time.  A few of the larger ones have more than 500 students.

The first major waves of language students hailed from Japan and Korea.  Most language schools in Canada now have a wide variety of students from all over the world.  Canada is now a popular destination for students from Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Thailand, and many other places.

Public Schools vs. Private Schools in Canada

Until recently, public institutions had largely overlooked the language training industry.  Most language programs at Canadian universities and colleges were maintained for regular students who required additional help with their language skills.  Over the last few years, public institutions have identified English language training as a good revenue generator.  Most public institutions now offer English language training programs for international students.

Private language schools in Canada are much more sophisticated than they were 20, or even 10 years ago.  The better schools have well developed curricula for a wide variety of courses and programs.  Many now offer internship programs that combine classroom instruction with practical work experience.  The quality of instruction at private Canadian language schools is generally very high.

Language Schools in Vancouver Canada

Vancouver is a leading destination for English language students.  The English spoken in Vancouver is clear, regular, and easily understood around the world.  There are many fine language schools located in the bustling downtown area.  They are surrounded by parks, beaches, shops, restaurants, and clubs.  Vancouver is a major training centre for new English teachers.  Although the fun lifestyle of Vancouver is a strong attraction for English teachers, the large number of quality language schools also leads teachers from around the world to settle here. 

Vancouver English Centre

250 Smithe Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 1E7 Canada

Tel.: 1-604-687-1600

Fax: 1-604-687-1660



Japanese Language School of Vancouver
487 Alexander Street
Vancouver, BC V6B3P7
(604) 254-2551


Language Schools in Montreal Canada

Ecole Charade
180 René-Lévesque Boulevard East
Montreal Quebec H2X1N6 Canada
(514) 954-9527

Ecole de Langue de l'Estrie inc.
1819 René-Lévesque Boulevard Ouest 200
Montreal Quebec H3H2P5 Canada
(514) 989-1441

Ecole de Langues de Montreal
1610 Sainte-Catherine Rue Ouest 401
Montreal Quebec H3H2S2 Canada
(514) 939-9911

Fleur de Lys (Services Linguistiques)
Cp 172 Succ Westmount
Montreal Quebec H3Z2T2 Canada
(514) 939-6362

Institut Linguistique Provincial inc.
4930 Hochelaga Rue
Montreal Quebec H1V1E7 Canada
(514) 254-6011

Institut Linguistique Global
1538 Sherbrooke Rue Ouest
Montreal Quebec H3G1L5 Canada
(514) 933-3555

Institut Médialangue International ltée
323 Henri-Bourassa Boulevard Ouest 200
Montreal Quebec H3L1N8 Canada
(514) 334-1819

Institut Par-la-Langue
6061 Dumas Rue
Montreal Quebec H4E2Z5 Canada
(514) 278-3455

Japanese Language School in Montreal
3495 Simpson Rue
Montreal Quebec H3G2J7 Canada
(514) 933-1637

L P S Langues Productions Services ltée
Succursales Montréal Laval Longueuil & Québec
505 René-Lévesque Boulevard Ouest
Montreal Quebec H2Z1Y7 Canada
(514) 878-2821


Language Schools in Toronto Canada

English School of Canada
79 St Clair Ave E, Suite 202
Toronto, Ontario M4T1M6 Canada
(416) 686-1596

English Spanish House
1300 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M5R3K8 Canada
(416) 962-2272

Estonian Schools
Broadview Avenue
East York, Ontario M4K2R6 Canada
(416) 778-6446

Hansa Language Centre Of Toronto Inc
51 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, Ontario M4P1G7 Canada
(416) 487-8643

Host International School of English
746 Pape Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4K3S7 Canada
(416) 494-1919

International Language Schools Of Canada
702-1300 Yonge St
Toronto, Ontario M4T1X3 Canada
(416) 323-1777

International Language Studies
36 Eglinton Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario M4R1A1 Canada
(416) 322-3405

JACE International Canada School
78 Sullivan Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T1C1 Canada
(416) 599-5223

Jigsaw International Language Academy
133 Richmond
Toronto, Ontario M5G1K2 Canada
(416) 922-1212

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